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Minha Lee


Born in Seoul, Korea in 1979. Lives and works in Incheon.

Graduated from Seoul National University with a BFA and MFA in Korean painting and earned a doctoral degree in Inter-Media Art at Tokyo University of the Arts. Participating in Aichi Triennale in 2010, Kobe Biennale in 2013, and organized CELL_Low, High and Narrow Room(Gallery Guruji, Seoul, 2017). After participating in the Goyang residency(MMCA, Korea) and Bauhaus residency(Dessau, Germany) in 2018, Lee selected a residency program at Incheon Art Platform in 2019.  

Lee tracks structures that are losing “Innate humanity”, while resisting this innate humanness to fall into oblivion. Her works are characterized with scattered methods of contradictions and incarnated texts, and she combines primitive media with new technology.

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