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Feb. 7th from 6 pm~ :  Opening

Feb. 11th from 4 pm to around 5:30 pm


 Talk event with the Austrian artists 

 Katharina Gruzei & Eginhartz Kanter

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We will hold an artist talk event, inviting Austrian artists, Katharina Gruzei and Eginhartz Kanter.


In their lectures the artists will give an introduction to their work and artistic approaches. They will provide background information about their films exhibited and speak about their methods of taking up private memories that are closely connected to public history. 


Katharina Gruzei’s award winning experimental film "workers leaving the factory (again)" deals with the fading of industry in central Europe, exemplified by a closed tobacco factory in Austria. She connects questions regarding the abandoned spaces with socio-political aspects of work and film history. 

In the work "beyond memories", Eginhartz Kanter traces the late history of the GDR. He deals with the various individual ways of experiencing this time and questions the phenomena of memory falsification. 


Subsequently the curators Kumiko Kato und Haruko Sasakawa are in conversation with the artists to contextualise the individual work within the curatorial concept. 

We welcome everyone to join this valuable opportunity!




◆Katharina Gruzei (Austria): Based in Vienna and Linz, Austria. She is interested in socio-political and gender related topics, media inherent themes, and often produces site-specific artworks. She studied Fine Art at the Experimental Class of the Art University Linz, the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of California in Santa Barbara. Her film “workers leaving the factory (again)” won the award for Best Experimental Short at the Nashville Film Festival (USA), among others.


◆Eginhartz Kanter (Austria/Germany): Studied at the University of Arts and Design Linz, the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. He works with film, video, photography and installation, mainly in the context of public space. His sub-urban interventions negotiate aspects of the public and often have a direct relation to architecture. He has shown his artworks in Gallery 5020 in Salzburg, Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery in Moscow, S.Y.P. Artspace in Tokyo and at the 18th Media Art Biennial Wroclaw.

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