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Collection of Recollection

In Tokyo in 2020

In Tokyo, who is standing at the milestone of the new era with the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, we will organize an exhibition with a theme of looking back on past events and tracking down their traces. Inviting both domestic and international artists, regardless of nationalities, genders and ages, we will “collect” past events, including themes and topics based on the history of a specific place or personal experience of each artist. The project will consist of video works by the artists who explore various stories/incidents ranging from individual to large scale and conduct researches, facing the past through their artworks. This exhibition is expected to be a great opportunity to collect “recollections=memories” and explore the history of people of different values beyond geographical differences. It also aims to create a collected record for future generations in order to build a cross-border network of archives.


About 10 artists from Africa, Austria, Armenia, China, France,  Germany, Iran, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, USA, etc.


Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio has opened in June 2018 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as a new alternative art space, consisting of a studio for artists, a salon space to let visitors interact with, and an exhibition space. It used to be an old-style sento (public bath called Horai-yu).

About the organizer

actica was founded by Haruko Sasakawa and Kumiko Kato in 2014 upon receiving funding from Toride City Cooperative Support for Artistic Activity. They have been hosting “LABO”, a talk and study series open to the public that transcends boundaries of contemporary art.

They are also conducting fieldwork in which they visit different regions to engage with the people, collect archival information, and create video works to further transmit the findings. They also have a project called “Questionnaire” which asks a certain set of questions to the interviewees after which the responses are collected and archived.

In 2019, they have launched the project “Collection of Recollection”.


Haruko Sasakawa

Completed the doctoral studies and received the doctoral degree upon completing dissertation researching war painting. Co-organized the exhibition, “SENSOU-GA STUDIES” with the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the exhibition, “Foujita in the 1940’s: Tributes” with Tsuyoshi Ozawa (artist) and Yoko Hayashi (Japan Cultural Agency). She conducts various activities that compare and examine the past and present of representations of battle and its images, analyzing these from the perspective of an artist.


Kumiko Kato

Contemporary artist for site-specific installation based on field research. Completed a master’s degree (for intermedia art) at the Tokyo University of the Arts. After working at a landscape design company and advertisement agency, established the translation team “Penguin Translation”, to provide translations for the creative art field, design, and culture. She also has a supporting role in the international activities and businesses for the Japan Media Art Festival, as well as for many contemporary artists.

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